F Tollywood Celebrities !!: Andhra Governor ND Tiwari!! Sex SCANDAL !! Teenage Girl!

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Radhika, a contractor who is close to the OSD Aravind Sharma who works with Governor Narayan Dutt Tiwari exposed the whole scandal to ABN Andhrajyothi. Here also, mines are involved. Radhika who tried for Mining leases in Kadapa with thehelp of Aravind Sharma and N.D.Tiwari exposed the whole story as she couldn’t get the needed contract. Radhika’s guest house is Raj Bhavan. whenver she enters hyderabad she resides in Raj Bhavan. Wah..

While N.D.Tiwari having sex with the girls, if any leaders or officers come on any work, he’ll tkae a break and will go down for a while to see those leaders and come back to work with girls. Wah..

And N.D.Tiwari has special requirements on the girls that he needed, and he has the requirement on the minimum number of girls to spend with.

Videos and Pictures of these ugly incidents which are happening in Andhra Pradesh Raj Bhavan. N.D.Tiwari, who was the chief minister of Uttara Pradesh for three times, and the first chief minister of Uttaranchal is having sexual pleasures with contract ladies who are around 20 years of age. They blackmail the girls with the photos and videos that they took with those girls.

Radhika also said that there are other leaders from ruling party who come to the raj bhavan for sex. Raj Bhavan become brothal house.

Rohith, who is the son of N.D.Tiwari and Ujwala Sharma who lost a court case recently. He requested the court to order N.D.Tiwari to accept him as his son. But our great courts rejected this appeal.

Now, Andhra Pradesh Police rounded up the studio of ABN ANdhrajyothi to force them to stop telecasting the live show on N.D.Tiwari’s sexual affairs. ABN ANdhrajyothi received High court order from P.Sridhar Rao, chief prinicpal secretary saying that Andhrajyothi ABN should stop telecasting the story on governor immediately. Respecting that order, ABN Andhrajyothi now stopped telecasting this story.

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