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Sony Charishta Pictures

That maybe an old picture, but the ethereal hotness of this hot girl isn't found on Telugu screen yet. We are talking about "Ism" heroine Aditi Arya, who happens to be crowned Miss India earlier. 

While posing for Miss India competitions, Aditi is the one who rocked the Bikini round. Posing in glazing orange two piece for one picture, and in a patterned two piece other time, this hot lady has simply oozed loads of sex appeal. After flaunting her assets this way, our Miss Delhi has grabbed the Miss India 2015 crown. 

Catch the hotness right away folks!!
Monica Dogra  Photo-Shoo ! VERY HOT

During his recent election rally, the Republican US Presidential nominee Donald Trump has once again kicked up the H-1B Visa row and vowed to protect jobs for Americans.

Trump alleged that US companies are importing low-wage workers from other countries on H-1B visas, which is leading to the continual rise in the unemployment in the country.

"Many mothers across this nation are worried their sons and daughters not finding jobs after college, and they are right to be worried. Outsourcing jobs to other countries is one of the biggest threats to this great nation. Companies are importing low-wage workers on H-1B work visas to snatch jobs from college-trained Americans," Trump allegedly told cheering supporters.

Trump pledged that he would protect the jobs of young Americans and make sure every able college graduate finds a good job. Trump also said that he would protect the well-being of the lawful immigrants and curb the illegal foreign worker admission. His plan is to select immigrants based on their ability of having a financially self-sufficient life in the US.

H-1B work visa is the most sought-after for IT professionals, particularly for Indian IT sector. According to recent reports, Trump is working towards establishing new immigration controls to ensure that jobs are offered to educated American workers first. He allegedly calls it a way of securing the jobs for the Americans.
Actress Sana Khan, who was seen romancing Kalyanram Nandamuri in 'Katthi' and Manchu Manoj in 'Mr. Nookayya', has gone all wild for her new Bollywood film 'Wajah Tum Ho'.

The trailer of this upcoming erotic thriller has been unveiled by the makers and Sana Khan seems to have decided to blaze the silver screen with her steamy scenes. Also starring Gurmeet Choudhary, Rajniesh Duggal and Sharman Joshi, the film's trailer looks steamy as well as intriguing. A few seconds into the trailer, audiences will understand what was in store for them.

Sana Khan plays a lawyer who not only has a relationship with her colleague but also gets romantically involved with one of her clients, a business tycoon. The steamy scenes of Sana with both her alleged lovers dominated the mystery quotient built by a live murder. Although the film is a murder mystery, the sexual content, the simmering hot screen presence of Sana Khan and the steamy scenes thrown at every other corner made it look like an erotic mystery.

Director Vishal Pandya, who had earlier made similar steamy thrillers such as Hate Story 2 and Hate Story 3, has directed Wajah Tum Ho, which is slated to hit screens on December 2.


Here comes a sensuous treat for the fans of evergreen beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who were disappointed with the news of the actress's love making scenes from her upcoming film 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' getting chopped off by the Censor Board


The newest and the hottest on-screen couple Aishwarya Rai and Ranbir Kapoor has now teamed up for a sexy photo shoot to tease their fans. In the picture that is going viral, Aishwarya and Ranbir are both seen on a sofa. As Aishwarya Rai is seen lying on the sofa with her head on Ranbir's lap, the young actor couldn't help but stare at her sexy legs. The picture provides enough reason to go watch the movie as soon as it hits screens.

As the couple teamed up for a photo shoot, more pictures will soon be unveiled. We wonder how sumptuous they are going to be.

Mark the date, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil will land in theatres on October 28 and it has the most audacious character ever played by Aish.

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Shilpi Sharma Latest Pics

Sonam Kapoor is very outspoken and hence Media get a lot of work to do every time she opens her mouth. Being the guest for the radio show '#NoFilterNeha' hosted by Neha Dhupia, She spoke about her sex life and boyfriends.

To the question 'What would she ask God if an aircraft in which she is on board is about to crash - Money, Sex, Movies, Fame & Desert?', Sonam Kapoor quickly answered its going to be fame as she could make a different being famous. And again, She admits her love for sex, movies and desert as well. Out of all options, Sonam had left out money and that could be because she is born with with a golden spoon.

On the query if she had dated anyone from the Film Industry, The 'Raanjhanaa' Star told she has never dated any of her co-stars and hence she share a good chemistry with them. Though her co-stars were incredible, She doesn't want to talk about movies all the time and hence avoiding any such possibility. 'I never had sex with any of my Co-stars. Currently, I'm single,' she clarifies. 
Catherine Tresa was shown door and Lakshmi Rai has replaced her as the item girl in 'Khaidi No.150'. Everything happened so quickly but what could be the actual reason behind the ouster of 'Sarrainodu' Beauty.

Reportedly, Catherina Tresa got into a tiff with Chiru's elder daughter Sushmitha Konidala who is the costume designer of 'Khaidi No.150'. The actress wasn't happy with the styling of her outfit and behave a rude manner with Sushmitha. When the Mega Daughter brought this to the notice of Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan, they asked Catherine to pack her bags.

It was then Choreographer Raghava Lawrence suggested the name of Lakshmi Rai as a replacement because of the good rapport they share. With time running out, VV Vinayak, Chiru & Charan couldn't say no to the proposal. That's how everything fell in place again!

Tanu Vachenanta Movie New Photos

Appearing in lingerie for photo shoots is not new for this Queen, who is also popular as Kangana Ranaut. Yet again, this hottie stunned everyone with same oomph factor. 

For the latest edition of GQ Magazine, Kangana has once again slipped into lingerie and posed in black and white. Unveiling her hottest side yet again, she flaunts her curves to the lenses quite flawlessly. Guess what, this ravishing sex appeal is what make youths there go choking. 

With this lingerie attack, Kangana makes sure that she's still a hot competitor to the hottest likes of Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra.


icSinger Sunitha kept sharing painful incidents in her life during some of her recent interviews. She revealed that one particular TV Show has hurt her so much. 

Actually, Sunitha is one of the judges of Super Singers 7 programme. Even some of the noted playback singers used to participate in the show. Some of them even abused Sunitha when she gave rating less than 6 on a scale of 10.

Sunitha: 'The comments for the program videos uploaded on Youtube pained me immensely. They were so bad that I couldn't even reveal them! Few Singers said their fans were getting hurt with the poor Ratings given to them by Me. If they have a stardom of that range, Why would they even take part in the competition?'. 

Recently, Sunitha acted in a short film titled as 'Ragam' written and directed by Sree Chaitanya. It is about women empowerment and the Singer plays the lead role


Dhoni's GF wandering in hot shorts

Well, Bollywood hasn't showered any immediately luck on sexy siren Disha Patani, who has played the role of Dhoni's first girl friend Priyanka Jha. 

But Disha continues to woo Bollywood with her hot looks as she attends various events in the city in her sexy costumes. Jumping into a shortest hot-pants, other day Disha made sure that her curvaceous thighs ooze all the sex appeal, while her loose top occasionally flaunts traces of her assets. 

And after wandering in those hot shirts, she just left the place in an auto-rickshaw. 
MOVIE:Eedu Gold Ehe
Cast: SunilSushmaRicha PanaiNaresh,PrudhviPuneet IssarVennela KishorePosani and Others
Directed by: Veeru Potla
Produced by: Sunkara Rama Brahmam
Banner: AK Entertainments
Music by: Sagar Mahathi
Release Date: 2016-10-07

Eedu Gold Ehe Movie Review

Sunil promised to offer a full fledged comedy with Eedu Gold Ehe as his fans have been complaining about the lack of comedy in his films lately. It looked like a fun ride from its trailers, but Eedu Gold Ehe turned out to be a crime comedy that neither entertains nor thrills. It is quite shocking to see such a lame film from Veeru Potla who is known to have a good grip over entertainment.

What is it about?

Bangarraju (Sunil) is an orphan who comes to Hyderabad in search of a job. He saves a lady (Jayasudha) from a goon and she takes him under her wing. Bangarraju also gets a job and also finds a girl (Sushma). Things take an unfortunate turn when a dreaded don (Puneet) comes after him in search of a missing golden idol. Bangarraju comes to know that there is another person called Sunil Varma who looks exactly like him. Bangarraju is forced to find his whereabouts as his and his loved ones lives are in danger because of Sunil Varma's acts.


Sunil is at home while doing comedy scenes. His fans would love to see him back in the comedy mode. Sunil tried his hand at action once again. There are a lot of heavy action episodes towards the climax, which shows his liking towards such scenes. Sushma Raj and Richa Panai provide eye candy with their glamour. Puneeth Issar hams a lot. Prudhvi shines during the climax scenes. Vennela Kishore and Shankar did their bit. Jayasudha has been wasted in a overdramatic character.


Veeru Potla should have focused upon the comedy part than making it a masala film. There is potential in the subject, but it has gone haywire due to bad execution. This is Potla's weakest film to date. We expect better film from the director as he got ample time to write script. However, what Veeru offered is a film that has mediocrity stamped all over it.

Sagar Mahathi's music is not impressive. Background score sounds amateurish. Cinematography is very ordinary. Rhyming dialogues lacked the desired punch. Production values are poor. Editor did his best to keep the runtime short.

Thumbs Up:

Prudhvi's comedy

Thumbs Down:

Everything except few comedy scenes                      


Eedu Gold Ehe would've been a fine comedy caper with focus upon the suspense and fun elements. Instead the director opted to make it a wholesome film with all elements that caters to different section of audience. It is a blunder because viewers expect comedy from a Sunil starrer. They don't care if the film has a heroine or action or songs, if the comedy is served in right portions.

Veeru Potla has given more runtime for the comedy and fun scenes. However most of the scenes didn't work due to poor writing. Shakalaka Shankar's comedy track hardly entertains. Vennela Kishore's track is over the top. Prudhvi's part is the only one that offered good laughs. Surprisingly Sunil didn't get much scope to do comedy. However the ace comedian tried to evoke fun with his antics.

As the content is weak and comedy poor, director had to bank upon other elements to please the audience. There is too much of skin show in Eedu Gold Ehe, which is absolutely not needed for a comedy film. Second half seems better compared to the bizarre first half. Second half moves at a fast pace with some unexpected twists. Comedy gets better in this hour, but not to an extent to save this mess of a movie.

It is yet another disappointing film from Sunil who is not learning from his failures. He needs to get the basics right before he starts losing his loyal audience. Making such a lousy and loud film may affect Potla's prospects as a director. Sunil was able to pull off some substandard products earlier. Let's see if he could repeat the feat and save this from being a dud.

Verdict: Idhi Sodhi Ehe

Cast: Naga ChaitanyaShruti Haasan,AnupamaMadonnaPraveenChaitanya Krishna and others
Directed by: Chandoo Mondeti
Produced by: Suryadevara Naga Vamsi
Banner: Sitara Entertainments
Music by: Gopi Sunder, Rajesh Murugesan
Release Date: 2016-10-07

Premam Movie Review

Premam is finally here. The film has made a lot of buzz during its production stage as expectations were rife because of the original's historic success in Malayalam cinema industry. Premam also is one of the most trolled movies on the social media as the Malayalam version fans couldn't imagine any others in the place of Nivin Pauly and Sai Pallavi in particular. Let's see if the Telugu version retained the soul and feel of the original or not?

What is it about?

It is about three phases of life and love of a man called Vikram (Chaitanya). As a teenager he falls for Suma (Anupama) who is the best looking girl in his village. However things don't turn out as expected and he moves on. After five years, Vikram gets attracted to his lecturer Sitara (Shruti). They fall in love but are separated due to an unfortunate incident. Ten years later, Vikram is running his own restaurant. Now he bumps into Sindhu (Madonna) and he fall in love again. But Sindhu is already engaged to some other person.

Watch Here: Premam Public Talk


Naga Chaitanya surprises us with his acting proves in the film. He takes the cake for the variations he has shown in three phases of Vikram's life. His look and body language in college episodes is top class. He is also good as a matured man. He could have done better with the teenage version though. Shruti Haasan is beautiful and her chemistry with Chay is impressive. Anupama is cute as the teenager. Madonna is alright. Praveen, Brahmaji, Narra and others have done their bit in the supporting roles. Blink and miss cameos of Venky and Nag clicked.


Chandoo Mondeti has proven his skills with Karthikeya, a thriller. He is at ease in handling this romantic drama as well. He is surely a talent to watch out for. The subtle changes he has done to the original's script are commendable. Chandoo added humor to the proceedings without disturbing the soul of the original.

Music is the main asset of this film. Most of the songs come as a part of the story and they are beautifully shot. Cinematography is cool with Karthik maintaining the mood of the film with his brilliant work. Editing is fine. Production values are praiseworthy.

Thumbs Up:

Naga Chaitanya

Chay-Shruti episode



Thumbs Down:

Slow pace

Madonna episode could have been better


Director Chandoo Mondeti had a daunting task on his shoulders to retain the original's flavor and make it appealing to Telugu sensibilities. He has come out in flying colors as Premam Telugu version is a classic in its own right. People who have seen the original may draw comparisons, but for those who have not seen the original will give it a thumbs up for sure. To be fair, it pales in comparison with the original which was sheer poetry on screen. However, Chandoo makes it more entertaining and appealing to Telugu audience.

The best part of the original was the college episode and Chandoo is bang on in getting that part right. Climax was the weak link in the original and Chandoo couldn't better it despite his best efforts. Premam may not tug your heartstrings like the original did, but it is a pleasant watch that will make you feel nostalgic for sure. Director needs a special mention for keeping the mood light throughout without getting too emotional despite the multiple heartbreaks that the protagonist experiences.

Premam will appeal to the urban audience for its sophisticated style of storytelling and feel good nature. B and C centers may find it too slow for their tastes. Premam is not blockbuster material but has the goods and good moments to be a winner. There is a lot of competition during the Dasara season, but Premam shouldn't have any problem as it is entirely different from other films and will have its audience.

Verdict: Go... fall in love, Again. 


Usually, Actresses feel uncomfortable while doing intimate scenes. But, One Beauty proved explicit sequences weren't a big deal for her. And she is none other than Radhika Apte!

The 'Legend' Actress made a shocking revelation that she and her co-star Adil Hussain were crackling jokes during the shoot of the sex scene in 'Parched'. Shoot of this love making scene happened in Cave and the toughest part of filming is to cover the modesty of Adil Hussain. 

Radhika Apte says its one of the most funniest sequences she ever shot. She considers the sex scene as the most memorable one and a milestone. Our Bold Beauty feels Audience who spoke negatively about the sex sequence might not have understood the humour in it.  

'Parched' didn't fare well at the Box Office. It, however, earned critical acclaim and the dare bare act of Radhika Apte stole all the attention.


Sony Charishta New Pictures

Director Anurag Kashyap's Ex wife, petite actress Kalki Koechlin is a bundle of talent. She has proved her mettle in offbeat films like 'Margarita with a Straw' and 'A Girl in Yellow Boots'.
Kalki chooses to play challenging roles on screen, but when it comes to photo shoots she never hesitates to show off her wild side.
Kalki's steamy hot photos always draws huge attention from the beauty lovers. However Bollywood is not using Kalki's glamour and boldness for some unexplained reasons.
Kalki could easily pull off a Bikini show with her skin show and her undoubted talent for sure.
Vaibhavi Joshi Glam Pics


Pooja Shree